Ingenuity creation  wonderful aluminum craftsmanship

Peace aluminum began in 1989, from the distribution of aluminum profile, gradually developed into design, production, processing, sales, construction of "five integrated" large-scale processing and manufacturing enterprises. The business covers aluminum profile production and processing, aluminum window curtain wall system design and development and solution formulation, curtain wall engineering design and construction, aluminum window curtain wall processing, hardware accessories sales.

Now has Yanjiao, Dachang, Hengshui (in preparation for construction) three major production and processing bases, covering a total area of more than 1200,000 square meters, has put into production more than 20 workshops, the existing staff of more than 2,300 people, more than 800 employees have been working over 10 years. We have 29 extrusion lines, the maximum extruder 7,500 tons, annual extrusion aluminum profiles more than 150,000 tons; 17 surface treatment production lines, annual coating profiles more than 150,000 tons. The doors and Windows processing center is 20,000 square meters, and have 6 the whole process of production lines,  annual output of aluminum alloy doors and windows is 1 million square meters; Curtain wall processing center is 30,000 square meters, 6 unit curtain wall production lines, annual output is 800,000 square meters .

We have aluminum profile, doors and windows curtain wall system, and curtain wall engineering special design three-level R & D institutions,and more than 100 patents, participated in preparation of numbers of building trades and national standards. From research and development of the doors and windows broken bridge aluminum profile production system design to the construction of unit curtain wall and frame curtain wall,refractory window , sunlight room, passive window, windows and doors curtain wall products of prefabricated building. Peace Aluminum using 30 years with practical action to practice the theme of green, intelligence, low carbon, energy saving,and innovation.